These terms and conditions apply only to Winter Jazz Camp, 8-10 July, 2024. They do not apply to Summer Jazz Camp or any other product, service, or activity of Jazz Workshop Australia Pty Ltd (henceforth “JWA”).

1. Bookings
All bookings are subject to the terms and conditions set out below. Registration and payment indicates acceptance of all the following. You consent to release JWA, and all JWA Winter Jazz Camp staff from any claim or liability arising directly or indirectly from the Jazz Camp activities.

2. Indemnity
You indemnify JWA against responsibility for any accident, loss or injury suffered by your child/children during the course of the JWA Jazz Camp activities.

3. Medical and hospital treatment
If a representative of JWA or JWA Jazz Camp should at any time consider that your child/children require/s medical or hospital treatment, you consent to them obtaining this at your expense.

4. Fees (all prices are in Australian Dollars)
Payment is in advance in in full unless otherwise stated, in writing, online or on JWA promotional material.
Payment will be accepted by direct deposit, PayPal, or credit card online. PayPal and credit card payments incur an additional fee of 3.4%.
All camp/workshop fees are inclusive of GST.

5. Refunds and due dates
Full advance payment is required to complete registration.

  • Prior to 30 June 2024 payments are fully refundable.
  • From 30 June to 3pm 3 July, 2024 payments received are refundable less 30%.
  • After 3pm on 3 July, 2023, payments are non-refundable.

JWA reserves the right to refuse a registration due to limited availability. The right is also reserved to decline, to accept, cancel or withdraw any camp participant prior to or during the camp.

6. Covid-19, Medical conditions, allergies and special dietary requirements
If your child/children show Covid-19 symptoms, they should not attend or should wear a mask during the camp when they aren’t playing. Every camper must sanitize their hands whenever they enter the venue from outside and should repeat several times throughout the day. Students must maintain good hygiene and observe anti-Covid / anti flu etiquette (cough into sleeve, bring towel to empty spit valves, avoid touching, etc.). Parents attending the end-of-camp concert must sign in using the QR code or pen and paper.

If your child/children has/have special dietary requirements or a pre-existing illness or medical condition, you must provide full details either via the online registration form or email.

7. Damage to property
You consent to pay for any damage, whether deliberate or accidental, caused by you/your child to property owned by JWA or used by JWA and supplied by alternate parties (e.g. Accommodation, Vehicles) or property owned by other program participants. All replacement and or repair costs are the responsibility of the individual/s responsible for the damage.

8. Individual responsibility for personal property
JWA is not responsible for individuals’ personal musical instruments or property. Insurance is suggested for valuable instruments.

9. Students are to remain on site for the duration of the camp
Students are not to leave the Winter Jazz Camp venue at any time during the camp except with written consent from a parent or guardian and with the permission of the camp director. As a general rule every student must be on site for the duration of the camp except, with appropriate consent from a parent or guardian, to buy lunch as part of a supervised group. No other staff member is authorized to allow a student off site.

Students aged 12 years or under will not be allowed to leave without a parent or guardian unless written permission is given by a parent or guardian.

10. Student misbehaviour, including bullying
The following will, at the discretion of the camp administrator, lead to a student being sent home at their parent’s expense:

  • Bullying, threatening or intimidating another student or member of staff
  • Possession of illegal drugs or alcohol
  • Refusing to cooperate with the instructions of a member of staff
  • Deliberately disrupting any Jazz Camp activity or lesson
  • Other dangerous, disruptive or illegal behaviour

The Jazz Workshop is a smoke free venue.

11. Privacy
Information supplied to JWA will remain confidential and will not be made available to any third party. Photographs and/or video of camp activities may be taken by an authorized photographer/videographer and may be used in future promotional material or publications solely by JWA. Please advise us if you do not wish your child/children to be photographed or filmed. If you request no photos or filming, your child will be anonymised if they are in a photo that we later publish. Please note that the end-of-camp concert is a public event.