Auditions for the 2016 tour close Wednesday 11 March.

Contact us at JWA to make a time to do an audition in person, OR do a video audition (email, Youtube link, post, etc.) if you are outside Sydney.

All instrumentalists and vocalists:

  • Prepare two short contrasting jazz pieces. Demonstrate both technical and expressive playing.
  • A short sample of you improvising – you decide what to do.

All instrumentalists and vocalists except drummers:

  • Play all 12 major scales fluently over two octaves or as close to that as the range of your instrument allows.
  • Chordal instruments should include some comping in the pieces as well as the melody. Bass players should include some walking.

Sax players only:

  • If you double on a woodwind instrument/s, give a short but useful sample of how well you can play it.

Brass players:

  • Tell us your comfortable playing range, and demonstrate how high or low you can accurately play.


A)  Prepare two short contrasting solo pieces, one of which must be swinging. We are listening for

groove, expression and technique.

B)  8 – 16 bars, depending on the tempo, of “time” with a metronome in each of the following:

  • Medium swing
  • Fast Swing (208bpm+)
  • Slow swing
  • Straight 8’s ballad
  • Samba
  • Bossa
  • Mambo
  • Funk

All instruments: Unprepared piece.

There will be one additional piece. We will email you a part in advance and you’ll need to play it for your audition.

Apart from the unprepared piece sight reading isn’t part of the audition. Everyone on the tour gets most of the music emailed well in advance to learn at home, so as long as you can play well once you have learned something, that is fine.

We are interested in how well you can play, not how well you can perform in an audition under pressure. If something goes really wrong when you play, then you can just try it again. The one thing we are really “tough” on is the scales, as there is no excuse for not knowing them! We can tell if you are nervous or if you just don’t know.

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