Testimonials and achievements

On this page you can see some testimonials, and some of our awards and achievements. We certainly appreciate your feedback, and thank everyone who has let us know how much they have enjoyed their lessons, holiday workshops or jazz camp.

Our aim is always to provide the very best in jazz education. We do this through quality teaching, well organised and structured events, and giving our students access to the resources they need to excel. Our vision is based around educational principles and a keen passion for jazz.


Testimonials & feedback

  • “My girls… had a such great time the last three days they are having withdrawal today.” (Clare, Winter Jazz Camp 2022)
  • “Thank you again for the wonderful Winter Camp, S. had such a blast! It is just amazing to see what the three of you were able to achieve with the students in such a short time… He’s a quiet boy and his teachers often aren’t sure whether or not he’s enjoying himself, but I can happily report that he talked non-stop all the way home each day this week! “ (Janinine, Winter Jazz Camp 2022)
  • Just a quick email to tell you that since my son did the holiday jazz workshop he’s been playing his clarinet all the time. I don’t have to ask him to practice. He just picks it up whenever he’s got spare time. Thanks heaps for a great workshop. – Chris P.
  • As a parent, may I congratulate you on the brilliant running of the camp. Lyndon had a ball and learnt sooooo much about himself and his musical options.
  • So from our family, especially, take a big bow and our thanks. – Larni C.
  • Thank you for organising the lesson with Saul yesterday. Gabriel enjoyed it very much. – Juliana G.
  • Just wanted to congratulate you and Saul for last night. We really enjoyed listening to the range of kids and adults performing last night, seeing all their enthusiasm for jazz and some real talent. It was a great reflection on the quality of music school that you have created and we felt very privileged to have such a resource available to us.
  • By the end of the show Ben was so inspired he is now thinking of adding the tenor sax or even piano to his repertoire.
  • Congrats again, and thanks for a great year of music. Ben has really enjoyed his lessons with both Nick and Richard. (Anne)
  • The concert last night was excellent and you should be proud of what you have achieved in such a very short time. Indiana has really enjoyed the sessions she has had at the Jazz Workshop and is looking forward to her continuing involvement in jazz.
  • Once again, congratulations on last night’s concert. The people who left early missed out on some of the best performances of the night, particularly the final act!!! Well done! – Jennifer P.
  • My son attended a Beginner Workshop in the July Hols and really enjoyed it. He’s 15 and plays the drums. – Thanks!- Karen
  • Thanks for the adult combo last term. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt lots. -Jenny C.
  • My son Daniel attended a workshop with you last year and enjoyed it very much. – Angela T
  • On behalf of Ryan can I sincerely thank you all for putting on such a great camp. he thoroughly enjoyed it: both the formal and informal playing, making new friends and being introduced to new techniques outside his comfort zone in a nurturing manner. He already wants to sign up for next year. -Ian Slater (Director of Music), The Armidale School
  • I know Bella is planning to email you but I just wanted to put in my 2 cents worth and let you know what a GREAT experience she had at Jazz Camp.
  • You have managed to turn Jazz from an interest to an obsession: every instrument in our house has been getting a full on work out since she got back. She loved the friends she made and all the great things she learnt but in particular, she loved being totally surrounded by music from 7am – 10pm and sharing it with like minded beings.
  • She will definitely be coming again next year. Thanks again, you do a great job. – Tina H.
  • When I picked up my son after jazz camp he said he was pumped and it was the best week of his life. He showed me his not book and shared with me his learnings. He was so very pleased to have learnt so much. He and his friend found all of the participants really helpful and that there was not competition. Everyone worked together.
  • So congratulations and he will be back next year. Thanks again for providing such a great opportunity. (Hedy B, Bathurst).
  • Thank you so much for your skill and dedication to all these young people, and for your special ability to direct them to a level of quality that should sustain them, as practitioners and as listeners, for the rest of their lives. Thank you, thank you for all the support and information and encouragement that Oliver received over the camp
  • He has already signed up for lessons with Jamie at Jazz workshop, and has come back (even more) focused and motivated (if that were possible).You guys are great! (Deborah de Graaff, lecturer (clarinet) Sydney Conservatorium).
  • I want to pass on our congratulations on such a wonderful camp. We were blown away with what you guys did during the week. We spoke to William a few times through the week & he just raved about the fun he was having, the things he was learning, the performances he saw & the whole experience in general. From day 1 he was asking if he could come back next year & has talked of nothing else since. He has gone back to school today raving about the camp & how awesome it was.
  • I hope you & John & everyone in front & behind the scenes are proud of the camp this year, as a parent I cannot believe that it runs so smoothly. What an unbelievable experience for our kids to have! – Aby & Bret F, Queensland.
  • Thank you to you especially for the coordination and wonderful work that you have done to bring this all together. I must commend you on your professional and efficient organisation which made everything so easy for us to enrol, keep informed and get prepared for this experience.
  • Yi-Wen had a fabulous time: he was thrilled to have been there to make music with outstanding musicians, making many friendships of common interests, learning from the best tutors and enjoying the amazing bands who came to play for the camp. Thank you for making it all possible!
  • He will certainly be coming to more! – Maylene L, New Zealand.
  • I’d like to thank you all for your efforts. It sounds like my daughter was engaged from start to end (which is no mean feat). – Linda C.
  • Thanks again for the camp, it was the best! – Edward S.
  • Thank you for a great Jazz Camp. I really enjoyed it and learnt alot. Thank you again for a great experience at camp. – Rigel M.
  • Both Ben and Daniel really enjoyed Jazz camp!  Kind regards, Chris and Stacey Clohesy, Adelaide
  • Just wanting to let you know what a wonderful time Lauren and Emily had at Jazz Camp. They have come home bursting with all the new things they have learnt and the amazing people they have met and heard play. It is truly a unique opportunity for all of these kids to experience such talent in an up-close and informal setting.
  • Once again thanks for looking after our kids so well there is nothing they could fault: location, facilities even the camp food was great!
  • I wanted to extend my personal thanks to you – and all of the people involved – for organising and running Jazz Camp. I feel that my son grew enormously as a result, both musically and socially, and will definitely sign up for next year. Lesley Stoneman, Associate Lecturer, School of Teacher Education, Charles Sturt University.
  • Thanks for another great camp on behalf of Evan Harris and family. The camp is something that is becoming a major highlight of each year! Congratulations for your effort and outcomes regarding the much enjoyed camp. – Sue H.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the Jazz Camp in January and am really looking forward to the next one. – Michael C.
  • We thank you very much. Will has really enjoyed combo. – Catherine E.
  • I just wanted to email you to thank you very much for a fabulous 3 day workshop.
  • Both Aaron and Jake absolutely loved the music – felt that you were extremely thoughtful, helpful and clearly non-judgemental. They came home each of 3 days having learnt a lot and understanding how useful the information and music is and will be. You clearly created a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere with, essentially, unkown young kids. The concert was fabulous – amazing how much they learnt in the 3 days. Thanks again – a high for the holidays. – Helen M.
  • Thanks Saul ! Jonathan is really enjoying himself with the Jazz workshops. I must say I’m surprised as he’s never shown much musical leanings. Thanks for all you’re doing. – Frances C.
  • Thank you for organizing the Jazz Workshop Senior Combo which set an uplifted mood for the 2008 Games. Thank you to your talented players also. Outstanding.
  • I had my first lesson with Jo on Tuesday. She was absolutely lovely and very professional!
  • Just to let you know that my son attended the camp this year and has come back absolutely thrilled and so excited that he has ‘vowed’ to attend the camp again next year!! Thank you all once again for a wonderful camp. -Aradhana S.

Awards and achievements

  • 2021, eight students from JWA accepted into the highly-competitive jazz studies degree at Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
  • Winners, 2nd & 3rd “clean sweep” at the  Sydney Eisteddfod, Performing Arts Challenge 2011. JWA  combos, Open age Jazz Band section.
  • Winners, 2nd & 3rd “clean sweep” at the  Sydney Eisteddfod, Performing Arts Challenge 2010. JWA combos, Open age Jazz Band section.
  • Winners Sydney Eisteddfod, Performing Arts Challenge 2009. JWA Advanced combo, Open age Jazz Band section.
  • JWA Finalists in the Mosman Daily Business Achiever Award
  • JWA Finalists in the 2009 Mosman Daily Business Achiever Awards, Best New Business
  • Every JWA student sitting HSC music performance exams score 89% or higher in HSC 2011. One perfect score 100% in Music Extension, and another 49/50.
  • Three JWA students nominated for HSC Encore concert for outstanding performers, and another one as a composer.
  • 9/10 JWA students completing their HSC music exams achieve “band 6”, scoring 90% or higher, November 2010
  • All JWA students completing their HSC music exams achieve “band 6”, scoring 90% or higher, November 2009
  • All JWA students completing their HSC music exams achieve “band 6”, scoring 90% or higher, November 2008
  • JWA Advanced combo selected to play at the Manly Jazz Festival, performing as part of the main program. October 2008.
  • February 2008, the Jazz Workshop opens, becoming the first music school in Sydney dedicated to jazz. We made a unique committment to have on our faculty only professional jazz musicians with a proven track record as educators.
  • January 2008, Principal Saul Richardson was awarded by the International Association for Jazz Education (IAJE) for outstanding service to jazz education. Presented at the IAJE annual conference in Toronto, Canada.

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