Terms & Conditions

Private lessons are paid in advance for a whole public school term. This is usually ten weeks. This period cannot be altered except by special prior arrangement with Jazz Workshop Australia (JWA). Accounts must be settled by week 2 of term, or lessons will be suspended.

School terms

Our term dates coincide with the NSW public school calendar and we are open on pupil free days.
The Jazz Workshop is usually closed on public holidays but this is at the discretion of individual teachers. If you miss a lesson because it falls on a public holiday, you don’t need to pay for that lesson.


Fees must be paid for one term in advance and are due within a week of your first lesson.
If you have financial difficulty funding a full term of lessons in advance, please speak to us and we will try to assist.
Unfortunately late payment may result in your lessons being cancelled until payment is received.
Cheques should be made payable to Jazz Workshop Australia Pty Limited or can be direct credited into our account. Contact us for account details.


The basic cost of lessons is $54.80 per half hour. Lessons (other than casual lessons) are paid in advance to the end of the current term. Enrolment & payment is online via the JWA website. Payment is due before your first lesson or first lesson of a new term. These prices include GST. See the main lessons page for details.

  • Half hour lessons: $54.80 Maximum of one reschedule available per term.
  • Hour lessons, weekly: $108.590  Maximum of one reschedule per term.
  • Prepaid casual lessons: $60 per thirty minutes flat rate; Unused lessons are fully refundable; If you cancel 2 hours or less before the scheduled time the lesson is 50% refundable; No fixed lesson time, a new appointment is required each lesson; Booking and payment in advance online only.
  • “Pay As You Go”, casual lessons paid on arrival: $200/hour, flat rate.
    No fixed lesson time, flexible scheduling, pay on the day.

Missed Lessons where a student cancels*

If you are unable to make a lesson please notify us as soon as possible. We will try to reschedule one lesson per term if needed. We must receive at least 24 hours notice of a cancelled lesson or the lesson will automatically be forfeited. The more notice we receive the more chance there will be to reschedule the lesson!

Make up lessons must be taken in the same term as they missed.
Lessons missed in the last week of term will not be rescheduled unless we have 4 weeks notice.

Missed Lessons where a teacher cancels

In the event that a teacher has to miss a lesson we will provide a substitute teacher for that lesson. If a suitable substitute teacher cannot be arranged we may organise a make up lesson or credit a lesson to the following term.

Students enrol and are committed to the Jazz Workshop for a full term or the remainder of the term if the lessons commence after the start of term. If lessons are terminated at some stage during the term a refund will not be granted.

Ensemble Fees

Fees for combos and bands are $825/semester (16 weeks), paid in advance. Part payments will be at a higher rate. Ensembles usually run for 16 sessions per semester. The fee is for membership of the group, not on a per-lesson basis. There is no refund for missed rehearsals. There may be a discount for late enrolment where a student joins mid-term.

Payment of fees confirms that you have read and accept the above terms and conditions.

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*excluding prepaid casual lessons.

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