Term 3 has started

It is Term 3 here at the Jazz Workshop from today, Monday July 16. All private lessons have resumed and combo rehearsals start again from this Saturday July 21. The main highlight of this term is going to be our annual concert in September. Everyone will get music and details in their lessons over the next week or two.

We hope the past two weeks have been good for all our students and their families and that if you had a holiday that you enjoyed the break. We took a few days off and it felt like luxury!

Winter Jazz Camp was on again last week, July 9-11, and it was fantastic. Everyone seemed to have a great time and learnt a lot along the way. There are some photos of the camp on the JWA Facebook page: Click here to see them.

Now that a new term is starting it might be a good time to remind everyone of our cancellation & rescheduling policy here at JWA. Your lesson time is held exclusively for you, maybe like an hotel room or seat on a plane (but without the overbooking). In a way it is really the time that you have reserved. Of course, when you come you get an excellent lesson with one of our professional faculty, but even if you don’t come the time is still yours. We can’t do anything else with your appointment time unless we have quite a lot of notice. Even if a student doesn’t turn up for a lesson, there is still a teacher who needs to be paid for the appointment.

Most of our students are allowed to reschedule one lesson each term provided they give us 24 hours notice. That at least gives us and the teacher the chance to try and sell that appointment time to someone else for the day or to reorganise the day’s schedule. With any less notice that is just about impossible most of the time. Some people chose to pay a little more for their lessons in return for a bit more flexibility. This is often useful for senior high school students who have evening performances, late exams or camps. It is also handy for people with variable working hours.

A few people just can’t, or prefer not to, commit to a regular lesson time. They pay a much higher fee per lesson for “pay as you go” lessons. The higher fee covers the extra administration involved as well as the “risk” or uncertainty for us and the teacher. All of this, along with our general Terms and Conditions, is on the music lessons page of the site.

Anyway, welcome back to all our students. If you are just checking us out, we hope you can join us. We have an outstanding faculty of teachers, a great team running the school and an unrivaled track record in jazz education. If you want to learn how to play jazz or to dramatically improve your playing, this really is the place. We are proud to say that no one else does it as well as we do. We’d love to have you as part of the JWA family.

Have a great term everyone!

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