SYJO   Sydney Youth Jazz Orchestras

  Sydney Youth Jazz Orchestra is a band of 17 of Sydney’s finest jazz players up to age 25. It is the flagship ensemble of the SYJO program, a not for profit music training association dedicated to helping young musicians achieve the highest possible standards of performance. SYJO plays at the highest level, the equal of any jazz orchestra in Australia. SYJO performs a wide repertoire, covering the swing and mainstream traditions of the 1920s to today, as well as new works of contemporary Australian and international repertoire. The band often features new compositions by members of the ensemble. The Sydney Youth Jazz Orchestras, SYJO, is a non-profit association established for the encouragement of music. Specifically, through providing a framework of outstanding jazz ensembles for students and young musicians to rehearse and perform with. Following in the tradition of other youth jazz orchestras around the world, SYJO is set to become Australia’s foremost youth jazz orchestra. In the UK the National Youth Jazz Orchestra (NYJO), the Midlands Youth Jazz Orchestra and the Wigan Youth Jazz Orchestra for many years have all outstanding examples of the level of performance an opportunity such as this can offer. Locally the Sydney Schools Jazz Orchestra for public secondary school students and Judy Bailey’s Jazz Connection are two other youth jazz orchestras performing at a very high level. SYJO works in tandem and in cooperation with these, and the many other fine youth jazz orchestras of Sydney and Australia. Membership of the ensembles is by audition and is open to musicians aged 30 years and under. There are three SYJO ensembles, grouped roughly by age but all auditioned on the basis of playing ability. SYJO’s non profit status allows it to fundraise and seek support through grants and donations in order to provide programs for its members. These include regional touring grants, artist in residence programs, support for young composers and scholarship programs for assissting young musicians to  access excellent jazz education opportunities and to later establish viable careers as professional performers as alumni of the SYJO program. The SYJO musical director is Saul Richardson. An exciting initiative of SYJO is the Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra AYJO, an occasional ensemble bringing together the finest young jazz musicians in the country for collegiate rehearsals, performances and touring. Enquiries about SYJO and AYJO to Saul Richardson.