Sydney Conservatorium auditions this week

Sydney conservatorium of music

Our best wishes go to all who are auditioning this week for jazz at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. It is a vocational course designed to train professional jazz performers. If you are trying out for it, you really should be planning to go into that field as your profession, and already have made significant progress in that direction. If that is the case, you’ll be directing all your energy towards pursuing that goal regardless of your audition result and will have planned multiple alternative pathways for getting there – regardless of your audition result.

Anyone can study privately with multiple teachers, practice hard, play in groups, listen, and network. These are basically what full-time study offers. As a performer the degree qualification itself means nothing. It is the training, structure, and networking that are most valuable. There are many ways to get that training. The hard work is ultimately up to you, the aspiring professional.

“Conservatorium” is the Australian term for conservatory or conservatoire. It may also be found in Dutch and German.

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