Summer Jazz Camp – video

Here are videos of combos at Summer Jazz Camp 2021 at Uniting Venues, Naamaroo. Due to Covid-19 we couldn’t have our usual end-of-camp festival so we filmed the groups instead. The video of Nat Risby’s combo is missing. Of course, we’ll post it as soon as we find it.

These videos, along with many more, are on our YouTube channel, JazzWorkshopAustralia.


John Morrison’s combo

  1. Caravan and Polkadots & 2.Moonbeams.

Gavin Ahearn’s combo

Green Mountain, composed by Gavin Ahearn.

Deven Rahman’s combo

Sandu, a blues head composed by Clifford Brown.

Saul Richardson’s combo

Stolen Moments, by Oliver Nelson.

Jack Stoneham’s combo

Work Song, by Cannonball Adderley

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