Summer Jazz Camp 2020 electives

The elective activities for our upcoming 2020 Summer Jazz Camp will be:

  • A break from music/games
  • Composition
  • Drumming for non-drummers
  • Electronic effects for all instruments
  • Introduction to jazz theory
  • Jazz Fusion
  • Jazz/gospel choir
  • Latin jazz/salsa
  • Soul jazz

Campers choose one of these activities as part of days two and three of the camp. Here is a short summary of each elective:

A break from music/games: this is what it says ‘on the tin’; sometimes too much music is too much and even the most obsessive musician can use a break sometimes. Read quietly, relax in the sunshine, enjoy a board game, or get some exercise. This is organised by our fun-loving counselling staff.

Composition: Learn techniques for writing music, develop your own tune or song, or bring along something you’re already working on and workshop it with a jazz camp faculty member.

Drumming for non-drummers: Learn about the role of drums in jazz, useful drumming and rhythm techniques, and have fun drumming on practice pads or a real kit. Rhythm, groove, and co-ordination essentials, and lots of fun too!

Electronic effects for all instruments: Discover the seriously cool world of effects pedals! Guitarists have used them for ever, but they can be used with almost all instruments – including with instruments like trumpet, trombone, and sax. Discover the creative (and fun, let’s face it) possibilities of transforming your sound. You don’t need any special equipment to do this but participants are welcome to bring their own if the want to.

Introduction to jazz theory: Begin to unravel the mysteries of what all those chord symbols mean, what on earth modes are, and the relationship between chords and scales.

Jazz Fusion: Jazz fusion is a mixture of jazz and elements of other types of music, most often rock. Since the 1960s, fusion has been played by artists and bands such as Return To Forever, Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Uzeb, Carla Bley, the Brecker Brothers, Miles Davis, and Cindy Blackman. In this practical class you will learn about fusion while you play and listen to classic tunes.

Jazz singing group: This practical option is open to singer and non-singers alike. The voice is the natural instrument that we all have, and developing skills with your voice does wonders for every other aspect of your playing. Better still, it is great fun too! This is a chance to sing jazz and gospel music in a group and perform at student concerts during the camp.

Latin Jazz: In this practical elective you will learn about various styles of music from Cuba and Brazil by  listening to classic recordings and playing these often vibrant, often lyrical styles. All under the careful guidance of an expert tutor.

Soul Jazz: This style of jazz originated in the USA in the 1950s, in part as a response to a perceived dilution of African American musical heritage from increasingly commercial jazz and efforts to make jazz more ‘classical’. Soul jazz brought back the sounds and harmonies of gospel, blues and funk to jazz. In this practical elective you will learn about the style, hear classic recordings, and of course play the music.

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