Missing bar numbers: counting the true cost


Have you ever considered what those missing numbers might really be costing you?rehearsal mark

[quote]“Five after letter K?” “Sorry, where was that?” “Does that include K? Like is it the fifth bar of K, or five after K?…”[/quote]

Before you read on remember one thing: It is easy to add numbers to every bar (or “measure”) in a big band part. Really easy.

Just say you do one rehearsal in a big band for 42 weeks each year. At each rehearsal you waste 5 minutes in total while people search for bars (because they aren’t numbered).

  • You play in the band for 6 years of high school: That adds up to 21 hours of your life wasted.
  • But you keep playing in rehearsal bands for, say, another 40 years. That amounts to 6 days, 17 hours of your life wasted simply searching for bars in a big band part.

Nearly a whole precious week of life lost because someone didn’t add bar numbers! But wait, the devastation continues:

  • If 18 people play in a band, that’s just under 25 days of life wasted every decade in the search for “where are we going from?”.
  • For every 150 big bands that is a whole human lifetime lost every decade*

So dear arrangers/writers/publishers. Make the big leap. Make that one little click and number every bar.


*Just imagine how much life is lost because the trumpets didn’t practice that bit, or the rhythm section is too loud again, or the saxes are out of tune, or the trombone players are squirting each other from their little spray bottles…


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