Little Jazzers jamming

Some of our youngest students, from our Little Jazzers class, sat in with one of our junior jazz combos to jam together. Little Jazzers is a group class for kids ages 3-6. They learn music fundamentals with a unique jazz flavour, preparing them for joining a jazz band when they’re older. It also gives them a strong head start for when they learn an instrument or join any kind of band.

Little Jazzers music class in St Leonards

We decided it could be good for our little ones to join in with some of the older children for a quick jam. And it was great! They played the tune “Ja Da”. The Little Jazzers played the rhythm of the head on their drums, played a beat along with other peoples solos, and took short solos in trading 4’s. Everyone had fun.

Little Jazzers young kids music class

We’ll have to try more “collabs” between groups like this. It is fun for the older students and exciting for the little ones. Here’s a link to a cute video on our Facebook page of the Little Jazzers jamming.

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