JWA Jazz Combos

Learn jazz and play with others in our famous JWA Jazz Combos – small jazz bands. Weekly rehearsals at St Leonards, groups for all ages and levels. We are now accepting new band members.

Jazz combo closeup
Little Jazzers ages 4 to 7 pianist

About the JWA jazz combos

Jazz is best played with other people. In the JWA jazz combos you, your child, or both can join a band and learn jazz. We give you a fun and supportive environment, whatever your age or level. JWA combo rehearsals include practicing tunes, structured teaching about jazz improvisation, and coaching in jazz band performance skills. 

Our goal is to teach every student how to play jazz. We put knowledge and skills first and we don’t get distracted by myths about special talents. Not born into a “musical family”? It doesn’t matter! Learn the right things and practice and you can play jazz.

Who are the combos for?

The JWA jazz combos include groups for all levels, ages and stages. They are for everyone.

In combos for teens, kids, and adults beginners learn jazz improvisation and how to play in a group. More experienced students develop their their playing and grow their knowledge. We are very experienced in helping students transition from basic beginner-level playing to intermediate stages and then advanced.

In our advanced jazz combos, students get the high-level coaching they need to become creative, fluent jazz players. We give them the skills they need to excel at school music, pass university auditions, or begin professional-level work.

Our Little Jazzers program is a fun group class for kids aged 4 to 8 years with a unique jazz flavour. Little Jazzers learn fundamental musical skills to give them an unfair advantage learning instruments or when they join a jazz combo later.

Can I try before I commit?

Yes, you or your child are welcome to come and try a rehearsal before you enrol and pay. However, you cannot simply come to watch. If you want to try you must take part! Rehearsals are private and for members only.

How much does it cost?

Membership of jazz combos is for a semester (half a school year) and costs from $792, which is $44 per class. Little Jazzers is $330 per term ($285 special price before 31 July).

Do the JWA jazz combos perform and are the students successful?

Yes, performance is an important part of our program. Learning how to perofrm and getting experience playing for various audiences is crucial and fun too. Every combo has the opportunity to perofrm at least once each semester, usually more.

Our bands play at jazz festivals, community events, private functions, jazz clubs, and more. Our combos have rightly earned an excellent reputation.

Many students from our program have gained entry into highly-competitive university jazz courses, achieved Band 6 in HSC music, and gone on to careers as professional musicians in jazz, rock, pop, classical, and creative contemporary music. Just as importantly, lots and lots continue to play and enjoy music at a high level while following other careers. Here are some Jazz Workshop Australia alumni.

How do I join the combos?

Simply contact us to learn more or enrol now or click the button below! If you or your child are not a beginner at jazz then we will probably ask to hear you or them play a bit first in a short assessment so we can place you in the best group for you. The assessment can be online or in-person.