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Led by Saul Richardson

The JWA Academy is our High Performance program.

The intermediate, senior and advanced JWA Academy combos are for older or more advanced players with a strong background in small group jazz playing and jazz improvisation. These bands are designed to challenge and inspire the best young musicians. They cover advanced concepts and the hardest tunes. An ideal preparation for anyone considering auditioning for Jazz Studies at the Sydney Conservatorium or other tertiary institution. The older groups are also perfect for musicians who have reached a high level of jazz playing during their school years and want to keep playing and progressing, without going into music as a profession.

The Academy junior combos,for younger students, is for those who show special interest, aptitude and potential.

Places are limited to eight people. By audition only.

Cost: $737 per semester (18 sessions plus concert)

Contact us now to ask about auditioning for a JWA Academy combo.

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