Is JWA near Newtown?

Recently on Facebook we pointed out that it is usually only a 15 minute drive from Newtown, in Sydney’s inner west, to Jazz Workshop Australia in St Leonards. Is it really? Is JWA near Newtown?

Some people were sceptical. One person argued that “Nowhere in Sydney is 15mins from anywhere, that city is so congested it’s hopeless”. Another said “15 mins at 4am in the morning, yes”.

One poor commenter related a familiar Sydney driving experience: “It took me 45 mins to drive home from work on Thursday……… I work a little less than 11 kms from home. Rozelle to the Eastern Suburbs. It’s become a real problem.

It might be worth ducking over the bridge for a quick lesson – learn jazz AND avoid the worst of the peak hour cross-city traffic.

Anyway, the claim was not an idle one. I used to live in Newtown and so have driven from there to the lower north shore many times. At peak hour it does take a bit longer, it is usually just about a 15 minute drive from Newtown to St Leonards. So, it JWA near Newtown? Yes, it really is.

I recently made the short trip and made a video to show it is true! Music in the video is by Tony Barnard, one of the awesome jazz teachers at JWA. Here’s a link to Tony Barnard’s website.

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