Improvisation workshop these holidays

The next school holiday improvisation workshop will be Monday 23 September – Tuesday 8. It is for intermediate and more advanced students who already have a background in jazz improvisation. It will run over two days.

Content will be tailored to the needs and experience of the group, but in general here are some of the kinds of thing to expect:

  • Techniques for making your solos more interesting and more musical
  • Explore new scale and chord options and develop new approaches for old favourites
  • How to solo following chord changes and not just scales or key centres
  • How to interact effectively with a rhythm section to enhance your solo and you band’s whole performance

If a prospective student doesn’t know what any of the things above mean, then this probably isn’t the workshop for them! Otherwise all ages welcome. Anyone who can play their instrument well and already has a background as a jazz improviser will get a lot out of this short camp. Not suitable for beginners or novice improvisers.

The idea is to help each student begin to move from being a beginner to being a more advanced improviser

This is a two day, non-residential camp. The main presenter will be Saul Richardson, principal and co-founder of Jazz Workshop Australia.

  • 9:30 am – 3:00 pm each day
  • Cost: $160

Bookings are now open.

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