Jazz music lessons in Sydney - collage of scenes

We offer our students detailed and rigorous preparation for HSC music performance exams. Here are the main things we do:

  1. Advice on repertoire
  2. Work on the pieces in lessons
  3. Repertoire and performance workshops
  4. Organize accompanists, from a single musician to a band, whatever is appropriate
  5. Rehearse with the student giving advice on performance and arrangements specifically tailored to their individual course, topics and needs.
  6. Accompany the student in assessments, trial HSC, other in -school practice performances, and at the HSC exam itself.

Some of there services are complimentary and others, such as accompanists, cost extra.

These services are only available to students taking individual music lessons at JWA. If you want what we can offer, you need to study with us!

Beware that you may not get as much help from us as you’d like if you decide to enrol at the last minute having chosen to study elsewhere. It does take time to reach a high level of performance and we need a reasonable chance to work with each student. We urge parents and students to make the right decision in plenty of time.

To do well in HSC music a student needs to do several things. Ignore these, and we regret that no one will be able to help you much:

  1. Take responsibility for helping to chose their own repertoire, but be willing to accept expert advice
  2. Practice technical work and the HSC pieces.
  3. Understand that we know jazz and we know HSC music
  4. Realise that you need a background of several years playing and hard work to do well in Music 2 and Music Extension. It also helps in Music 1.
  5. Accept that just because they are the best musician at their school, this doesn’t always mean they are one of the best in NSW. Also realise that the HSC examiners don’t know them personally, so personality clashes and “teacher’s favourite” issues are removed from the final part of the equation.


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