Guitar lessons for Artarmon

Group of three boys with guitars backstage at a concert
Some of our students, backstage before a concert.

Students of all ages and levels can learn guitar at the JWA studio with teachers Michelle Shih, Tony Barnard, and Dr Saul Richardson. We are experienced teachers and committed music educators offering high-quality guitar lessons in jazz and contemporary styles. The JWA studio is five minutes from St Leonards station and within pleasant walking distance of the area near Artarmon Reserve.

Here are some of the things you or your child can get from our lessons:

  • Learn good, efficient technique from the very beginning
  • Learn to read music
  • Benefit from planned lessons that follow a logical sequence
  • Individualised programs and lessons
  • The chance to play in groups including jazz bands with other instruments and guitar ensembles
  • Extra group lessons and collaborations with other students and teachers at JWA
  • Play in public performances
  • The chance to join in special activities like jam sessions, master classes and exclusive workshops
  • Enjoyable lessons but with real progress and a sense of purpose

Where is the JWA studio? Is it near Artarmon?

Our studio is at 58 Atchison St, St Leonards, close to the station – only one stop from Artarmon, and a nice walk from the east side or the industrial area south of the freeway. We sit between he station and the vibrant Willoughby Rd shopping strip with its many cafes and restaurants. There’s plenty of parking on the street and a free council carpark close by too.

Map showing JWA studio location realtion to the Artarmon area.
JWA studio, guitar lessons for the Artarmon area.


Who are the guitar teachers?

We are Michelle Shih (M.Mus, B.Mus.Ed) and Saul Richardson (PhD., B.Ed. hons, MACE).

Michelle is a graduate Tainan University and National University of Taiwan and is currently studying her third degree in improvised music and jazz at the Sydney Conservatorium of music. She’s an experienced teacher, dedicated to her loyal group of students. She performs professionally playing jazz, commercial, and contemporary music.

Saul Richardson is a graduate of the University of Sydney where he studied teaching. His PhD. was in jazz education, He’s been a professional electric guitarist for over 25 years. Saul is well-known as a jazz educator, is the co-founder of Jazz Workshop Australia (JWA), and has previously lectured in jazz pedagogy at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Tony Barnard is one of Australia’s foremost jazz guitarists. He is an international-level artist. A ‘who’e who’ of top international players from around the world have played and recorded with Tony. Best of all, he is very friendly, approachable, and a wonderful teacher for adult students and intermediate to advanced teens.

We are experienced and have an excellent track record of helping students become great at guitar. Of course, like all the other teachers at the JWA studio, we have Working With Children certification.


How can I sign up for lessons for my child or myself?

If you live near Artarmon, on the north shore, the CBD, or the inner west, then you’ll find us easy to get to. You are most welcome to contact us via the form on this page. If you have more complex or detailed questions, then this detailed enquiry form is ideal. Naturally, you can also email us at or phone (02) 99665468. We’d love to help you, or your child, learn guitar so please do get in touch.