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As we are heading rapidly towards Band Festival season, we thought it might be timely to update our free guide to Building a Gold standard stage band. Even for those of you who don’t participate in adjudicated festivals or band competitions, the guide includes the things you must know if you want to build an outstanding stage band (aka big band, jazz ensemble, jazz orchestra).

Have you ever wondered

  • Why is it that some bands just sound so good?Building a Gold Standard stage band A4
  • Why do some bands play all the right notes, yet are still “beaten” by other bands?
  • How can the rhythm section be used to make your whole band sound amazing?
  • How do you make it sound like jazz?
  • What things do great bands work on, what aspects of the music?

As a bonus the guide also includes a short section for students and parents. It shares 13 ways that your students can help build an amazing band.

This guide is completely free. There is no signup, just download it and use it. Feel free to share it, please just acknowledge the author if you do.

We hope you find it useful.

Click here to download the free stage band guide.

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