Creative Kids vouchers (NSW)

The $100 Creative Kids vouchers for NSW parents expired yesterday, 30 June. If you didn’t use yours before the expiry date, then you can now apply for a new voucher worth $50 from Service NSW.

However, for at least the first couple of days of July, we will stop accepting any vouchers as we’ve been swamped by people attempting to use expired or otherwise invalid vouchers. Other common reasons for vouchers being invalid include trying to use “active kids” (sports) vouchers, or attempting to use vouchers that have already been redeemed elsewhere. Therefore, to reduce the likelihood of errors and to help combat confusion we will stop taking the new vouchers for the next few days.

Please also understand that creative kids vouchers must be processed manually by the vendor (ie, us). We worked until after 9pm on 30 June, but it is unrealistic and unfair to expect us to keep working until midnight because you forgot to use your voucher in time.

Furthermore, at no time before 9pm was our website “not giving the option for Creative Kids vouchers”. 

We apologise for any inconvenience. If you were too slow, just reapply for one of the new vouchers and use that later this week.

Thanks for your understanding.

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