Combos end of term concerts

Many of our JWA jazz combos will be playing informal concerts to end the term and showcase their great progress over Semester 1. While learning how to perform is an important aspect of the combos program, actual concert performances are not a major focus for us. Most important is having the time to develop skills, build knowledge, and deepen understanding over time. In many ways detailed preparation for concerts, competitions, and the like can get in the way of that.

However, performing is also motivating, can be a lot of fun, and is important for our students to showcase their achievements and for parents and family to hear them in action. These end-of-term performances are open to anyone who wants to come, but take place at JWA during the bands’ normal rehearsal times.

Later in the year will be the annual JWA Festival where all our bands will play. Meanwhile, here’s what’s happening this week.

Thursday 29 June

  • 5:30pm, Thursday teens
  • 6:30pm, Adults introductory
  • 7:30pm, young adults advanced

Friday 30 June

  • 5:15pm Friday teens & Friday junior combo

Saturday 1 July

  • 11:30am Advanced teens
  • 12:30pm 12:30 teens combo
  • 1:45pm Advanced teens
  • 3:00pm Junior combo
  • 4:15pm Junior combo ‘The Young Jazz Workshoppers’ & Little Jazzers
  • 5:30pm Advanced teens

Semester 2 combos

Rehearsals for Semester 2 will resume in the first week after the July school holidays, the week starting 17 July. New members are welcome and the start of a semester is a great time to join. The bands do work through a program so latecomers have catching up to do if they aren’t there at the start.

We have Little Jazzers pre-band class for ages 3 to 6, and jazz combos for juniors (ages 7 to 13), teens (13 to 18), and adults (18+). All ages, all levels, all instruments. It is much more than just a weekly jam. Structured teaching, a program based on educational principles, and an understanding that jazz can be taught and learnt underpins our program and makes it unique in Australia.

Congratulations to all our combo members this semester and thanks for being part of this wonderful JWA community.

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