Combos 2018 underway

JWA intermediate combo young musicians aged 8 to 13 posed in a group

Our jazz bands are underway for the new year. The Saturday intermediate combo was first, kicking off on Saturday Feb 3, the very first day of term. Most of the members of that band went to Summer Jazz Camp, so were all fired-up and ready to play right from the start. They sounded terrific too. The band is basically full, although a sax or piano player might fit, or a good bassist. At the moment I’m playing bass for lost of the bands.

The mid-week bands started too with Tuesday night adults, Tuesday afternoon intermediate combo, and Wednesday combo. Space in the school-aged groups for new members, but the adult band is full.

The other Saturday combos started Feb 10, at the end of our first week. We had our new-look advanced combo at 12:30 and a brand new junior group at 3:00. The junior group has room for more members, and it would be a good time to join so everyone can learn together from the start. By the end of term they will already be a long way advanced. The second junior group was at a new time, 5:30pm. They could take another horn player and a bassist.

JWA junior combo (jazz band) on stage at Chatswood RSL club, girl soloing on alto sax
JWA Junior combo on stage

We also have a quorum for a second adult combo. It won’t be for beginners, though. Hopefully we can run another beginners course or a follow-up to last year’s course. I just need to find the time or another good teacher to run it.

A few gaps to be filled, which means a chance for new people to get involved and reap the benefits of this unique and special program.

Looks like it is going to be a brilliant year.

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