Clarinet lessons are available with Sam Gill, Peter Farrar, and Jack Stoneham. All levels and ages of student are welcome, including those preparing for HSC and university auditions. Lessons can focus on classical repertoire and exams, or on jazz, or any mix of the two.


Sam Gill, B.Mus, PhD.

Sam Gill is a graduate of the jazz performance undergraduate course at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, where he has recently completed a PhD researching improvisation-based learning methodologies. He plays and teaches saxophone and clarinet.

Sam has developed a range of teaching experience, working as a private instrumental tutor, composition tutor and ensemble director at primary and high school levels. He has also given a number of guest lectures in tertiary education settings. He is a passionate educator with a strong focus on tailoring educational material to the unique needs and interests of each student, whether they be beginning their instrumental journey, preparing an HSC or audition program, or developing their approach to jazz improvisation. He takes a holistic approach to instrumental tuition, encouraging students to develop aural skills, improvisational creativity and musical understanding, in addition to instrumental technique.

Sam has performed with a number of Australia’s most acclaimed improvisers including Chris Abrahams, Simon Barker, Sandy Evans, Andrea Keller, Matt McMahon and Phil Slater. He leads his own bands Coursed Waters and Scattered, and plays with the collectives Microfiche and Mind On Fire. He was a finalist in the 2023 Freedman Jazz Fellowship.

Jack Stoneham, B.Mus. (hons)

Jack Stoneham is a saxophonist with a Bachelor of Music (Honours) in jazz performance from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. As a saxophonist he regularly performs a wide array of music from jazz to more contemporary improvised music, to hip-hop.

As a teacher Jack has wide experience as a private instrumental tutor teaching primary and high school students, and also as a band conductor. Jack offers clarinet technique lessons to beginner and intermediate students and jazz/improvisation lessons through to professional level.. He has experience-preparing students for HSC music, and is extremely passionate about teaching improvisation in a methodical way that incorporates the development of great technical facility on the saxophone.

Jack Stoneham has performed with established Australian artists such as Mike Nock, Jim Denley, Peter Farrar, Tom Avgenicos and Jacques Emery. He leads his band The Pen Club and works regularly with groups such as Sagrada Familiar, Skram Luff, Silver Talon and the Massed Single Reedists

Peter Farrar, B.Mus.

Teacher of jazz saxophone

Peter Farrar is a graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music with a degree in Jazz Performance.

He is one of Australia’s foremost jazz saxophone stylists, famous for his unmatched sound and the creative beauty of his improvising. Jazz critic John Clare, who describes him as a formidable player, says that “everything he plays is his unmistakably” (Clare, the music trust, 2016). Peter Farrar is a humble giant of Australian jazz and improvised music.

Peter has wide experience in performance from mainstream settings through to cutting-edge contemporary improvised music. He is known for his combination of dazzling technique and sublime tone and is one of Australia’s most respected saxophonists. Peter is also adept at clarinet and offers clarinet lessons to beginner and intermediate students.

Peter has a passionate interest in teaching and genuine enthusiasm for his students. He is equally adept at coaching young students in school band repertoire, preparing teens for HSC performance and auditions, and inspiring aspiring jazz players through a unique, but effective, improvisation-based approach. He has experience not only as a private teacher, but also tutoring outstanding student ensembles and coordinating exciting mentoring projects for younger musicians.

Peter has performed with leading Australian and international artists including Mike Nock, Dale Gorfinkel, Jim Denley, Amanda Stewart, Wadada Leo Smith and Cor Fuhler. He also works with such groups as Splinter Orchestra, 8-ball, Dave Panichi Septet and Farfinkel Pugowski

“Peter Farrar on alto nearly stole the show with his solo on “Lieb”. He has a tone reminiscent of Ornette Coleman and an expeditious array of ideas.” Peter Wockner, Jazz and Beyond 2006.

Peter is a fantastic teacher and a leading player in Australian contemporary music. We are delighted, and lucky, to have him available for you. He is highly recommended!

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