Choosing the right music teacher


Be aware that not every teacher is suited to every student so you should ask us to help match you with the best fit for you.  Where we have just one person on an instrument, it is usually because they are flexible enough to work effectively with anybody. Also, don’t just pick the most famous player to teach you: you want them to teach you, not play a gig for you!

You may notice that some of our teachers are quite famous jazz musicians. Others, maybe you have never heard of. That is no accident! At JWA we cater for a very wide range of students, from very young beginners to working professional musicians looking to fine-tune their playing. Because of this range of ages and experience levels, we have different types of teacher available:

1. Excellent professional educators. These teachers have outstanding teaching skills, are great at working with a big range of people, are passionately dedicated to teaching, plan and prepare like professional educators in other fields, and tend to put their students and teaching work as their highest priority. They are all seriously good jazz musicians, but they are also seriously good teachers, and that is what matters more than anything else. These teachers are almost always the best choice for beginners, less experienced students, young people, or those wanting detailed technical help. In fact, they are usually the best teacher for anyone. You can expect them to be consistent and to take you through a logical, sequenced program with clear goals and outcomes.

2. Well known musicians. These teachers tend to be best for more advanced students and established players who are looking to learn the finer points of an individual performer’s style. They are a interested in teaching, but they are working professional performers first and foremost. Because of this they will miss lessons due to performances, tours, recording sessions, and the like. They are not often a good choice for beginners, young students, or anyone else who needs consistency. Lessons with these teachers may be somewhat ad-hoc. They are not bad teachers at all, but the idea is more to absorb their style, approach, and philosophy through spending one-on-one time with them. This is great for advanced players, but not at all what inexperienced students need.

Please be especially careful if you are looking for a teacher to work with you through HSC music. We can recommend the ones who are good at that and interested in it.

Lessons at Jazz Workshop Australia start at $40/ half hour or $78/ hour for weekly lessons, paid in advance.

Music lessons available: Saxophone lessonsguitar lessonstrumpet lessonspiano lessons andkeyboard lessonstrombone lessonsflute lessonsclarinet lessonsdrum lessonsbass lessonsviolin lessons, and jazz improvisation lessons

JWA has teachers and groups for students at all levels, beginners to advanced. We recommend you contact us to suggest the best options for you.

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