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Drummerless tracks playlist

New jazz combos for juniors & adults

Happy New School Year everyone! To celebrate the new year, after an amazing summer with [...]

Michelle Shih – JWA’s classical guitar teacher

Michelle Shih – Classical guitar teacher for JWA We are excited to announce the arrival [...]

The early music education of Lester Young

Lester Young is the next featured jazz great in our occasional series looking at the [...]


9 tips for buying guitar cables

This article gives nine invaluable tips for buying, using, and caring for guitar cables. Cables [...]



Vibrato? Vibrato is an important and useful expressive technique in many guitar styles as well [...]

Jazz camp elective classes 2020

The elective activities for our upcoming 2020 Summer Jazz Camp will be: A break from [...]


Welcome Charlie Sundborn

We are very, very happy to welcome our newest sax teacher Charlie Sundborn to JWA. [...]

How to become a better jazz player: beyond music lessons

Learning to play jazz can be hard. While everybody’s jazz learning journey is different, there [...]