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New jazz combos for juniors & adults

Happy New School Year everyone! To celebrate the new year, after an amazing summer with [...]

New jazz combos for adults

We are pleased to be able to offer new groups for adult musicians during Term [...]



Vibrato? Vibrato is an important and useful expressive technique in many guitar styles as well [...]

How to become a better jazz player: beyond music lessons

Learning to play jazz can be hard. While everybody’s jazz learning journey is different, there [...]

New jazz combo for adults

  New members are welcome in our new jazz combo for adults We’ve started a [...]

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University auditions success

At the end of last year seven of our students auditioned for various university music [...]

Why you need more than just big band

From time to time we meet young musicians who are about to finish high school [...]

Just Have Fun?

Sometimes well-meaning teachers will tell you that “the most important thing is that you just [...]