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Vibrato? Vibrato is an important and useful expressive technique in many guitar styles as well [...]

Welcome Charlie Sundborn

We are very, very happy to welcome our newest sax teacher Charlie Sundborn to JWA. [...]

How to become a better jazz player: beyond music lessons

Learning to play jazz can be hard. While everybody’s jazz learning journey is different, there [...]

Jazz Camp FAQ

In the lead-up to Jazz Camp starting January 7, here are some frequently asked questions [...]

Jazz education rhetoric and reality

by Saul Richardson, 2018. There is a popular misconception that playing jazz is exclusively about [...]

Farewell Kali Gillen

Kali Gillen, popular sax and clarinet teacher, is leaving teaching to pursue other opportunities. Although [...]

Some ways that jazz education excludes girls and why this is a problem

By Saul Richardson, 2018. (updated December 2019) Here are some thoughts on some factors that [...]


University auditions success

At the end of last year seven of our students auditioned for various university music [...]

Emma Stephenson, Freedman Jazz Fellow 2017

We were excited to hear that one of our former students, pianist & vocalist Emma [...]

Junior Combo @ Merimbula

June 9-11 our Junior combo performed in the Merimbula Jazz Festival. Merimbula is on the [...]