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Beginning teaching music lessons

The first lessons: what to do with a new student – advice for starting to [...]

Why you need more than just big band

From time to time we meet young musicians who are about to finish high school [...]

How can I get more solos in jazz band?

By Saul Richardson, University of Sydney. May 2016. Learning jazz and playing jazz at school [...]

Horace Silver: Education of a young jazz musician

By Saul Richardson, 2016. Horace Silver was one of the jazz Greats. As a young [...]

Faking It: Real Books and how to use them

By Saul Richardson. You are not meant to play most Fake Book/Real Book tunes exactly [...]


Teaching Modes: a useful method

  By Saul Richardson. In this article I will compare two different ways of presenting [...]

Improvising with scales: a useful way for beginners

by Saul Richardson. The traditional way of teaching and talking about scales is to play [...]

Good jazz tunes for beginners

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Free stage band guide

As we are heading rapidly towards Band Festival season, we thought it might be timely [...]

Two useful tuning/listening warm-ups for band

Here are a couple of band tuning and listening warm ups we’ve found to be [...]