Band tour starts

After about ten months of preparation the JWA 2011/2012 international tour band is about to leave for Los Angeles. The whole three week itinerary is on our tours page, but it is LA – Barbados – Miami – Orlando – New York.

Most of the musicians in the band came to it through Jazz Camp last January and got a place by auditioning. A few others heard about it through the grapevine or at JWA. Many of the musicians are from outside Sydney. We have two from Bathurst, two from Dubbo, one from Griffith, three from Canberra, two from New Zealand, and one from near Windsor. The rest are from Sydney. Everyone got practice parts sent to them and came together for rehearsals four times through the year, and are now sounding really good.

The musicians are ages 16 – 20, mostly 18 – 20 years. They include uni students studying jazz, students studying in other areas but still keeping their playing at a high level, lots who have just finished Year 12 and are planning to go into jazz, plus a couple of exceptional high school students.

Day 1 starts with a 6:00 am meeting at Sydney airport.  First gig is on Wednesday in Hollywood.

If anyone needs to contact us while we’re away, email ’cause we won’t be around to answer the phone!

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