Ballad Thesaurus

Has there ever been a ballad played on a jazz gig that hasn’t been described as beautiful? We don’t think so!

So, as a service to jazz musicians and audiences worldwide, we are delighted to present the Ballad Thesaurus, edition #1.

In this first version, the words are just listed alphabetically. You probably need to know what a word means before you use it (or maybe not – it could be fun!).

How to use:  Ballad Thesaurus is easy! Instead of “and now we’d like to play a beautiful ballad by….”, just choose a new word to replace “beautiful”.


  • “Here is a majestic ballad by Billy Strayhorn”
  • “Next we’d like to play a voluptuous ballad by Mills and Boon”
  • “It is our great pleasure now to present a fragile and yearning ballad by Meat Loaf”*

See what we did there? We combined two adjectives in the one sentence!!

Here it is in PDF format for you to print: Ballad thesaurus

Enjoy your new, more wordy, poetic gigs.

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