Annual concert September 17

The Jazz Workshop Australia annual concert is on the evening of Monday September 17 at Chatswood RSL Club. Entry for audience is $5, performers are free.

The idea is that everyone who takes private music lessons at JWA performs in a group. This year the students of each teacher play together accompanied by a rhythm section. Bass, piano and drum students form the rhythm sections. Everyone will be given their music to start learning in the next few days, if not already. Closer to the day of the concert we will organise one or two rehearsals for each group to practice playing together.

Most of our teachers will be there on the night to play along with their groups and to help anyone who needs it. There will also be a guest performance by the Sydney Youth Jazz Orchestra early in the concert.

sax students at Jazz Workshop Australia concert
All our students get to perform.

This is an exciting event and we hope everyone takes part. It really is worthwhile and motivating for students to play in this kind of concert. Some students can feel a bit daunted at the thought of performing in public. That is natural. Just about every musician, no matter how experienced they are, feels nervous before a big concert. Turning the nerves to your advantage is the key. If you or your child feel nervous about performing, use the feeling to help focus your attention to detail as you prepare for the concert. Some people can convert their nervousness into a feeling of excitement, “psyching” themselves up on the night. Others find it useful just to take a quiet moment to relax.

Whatever happens, you’ll be playing as part of a group so there will be a whole team of people around you for support as you play.

Gaining experience playing in public is really important for musicians, and this concert is an excellent opportunity for everyone to do just that.

audience at JWA concert, chatswood rsl
At JWA concert, Chatswood RSL

Friends, family, and the public are welcome. Dinner is available at the club and you can bring your dinner into the auditorium if you want to. See you there!

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