Alumni of Jazz Workshop Australia

Here are some of our alumni. This is only the people who’ve gone on to do jazz at university or professionally, not the countless others who learnt a lot and found pleasure in playing music. Those things are very important too. Have we missed you? Let us know.

Recent alumni:

JWA students who successfully auditioned for the Jazz Studies degree at Sydney Conservatorium of Music. They took private lessons, did combo, or both.

  • Siebe Pogson (bass)
  • Alex Inman-Hislop (drums)
  • Holly Conner (drums)
  • Hilary Gedes (guitar)
  • Alex Hirlian (drums)
  • Oli Nelson (drums)
  • Paddy Kelly (piano & violin)
  • Emma Stephenson (piano & vocals)
  • Luke Davis (trombone)
  • Jack Stoneham (sax)
  • Ashley Stoneham (drums)
  • Nick Henderson (bass)
  • Shota Matsumura (trumpet)
  • Billy Ward (sax)
  • Heather Prowse (trumpet)
  • Siebe Pogson (bass)
  • Michael Clarke (sax)
  • Ana Leckie (sax)
  • Frances Madden (piano & vocals)
  • Nick Ujhazy (guitar)
  • Josh Spolc (bass)
  • Donna Daly (trombone)
  • Kali Gillen (sax)
  • Charlie Sundborn (sax)
  • Kali Gillen (sax)

JWA students who got into university jazz courses at other universities

  • Hugh Smart (trumpet)
  • Kali Gillen (sax)
  • Seb Bartels (guitar)

Some of the students who did our short workshops and aren’t on one of the other lists (but excluding Summer Jazz Camp – that would be a gigantic list)

  • Evan Harris (sax, flute, clarinet)
  • Donna Daly (trombone)
  • Harri Harding (sax)


Taught by Saul Richardson before The Jazz Workshop opened. The following students all got into the jazz course at Sydney Conservatorium or WAAPA in Perth. They all came through Saul’s jazz program at North Sydney Boys’ High School

  • Alex Ash (trumpet & piano)
  • Alex Hone (guitar)
  • Andrew Brooks (sax)
  • Andrew Chessher (piano)
  • Dale Gorfinkel (vibraphone)
  • David Berry (trombone)
  • Gene Taylor (bass)
  • Grant Arthur (trombone, guitar, & banjo)
  • Jackson Harrison (piano)
  • James Walsh (trombone)
  • Jamie Castrisos (drums)
  • Jeremy Rose (sax, clarinet, & flute)
  • Marty Wieczorek (clarinet & sax)
  • Mike Jardine (sax)
  • Nick McLean (bass)
  • Richard Savery (sax & clarinet)
  • Scott Simpkins (sax)
  • Seb McIntosh (sax)
  • Simon Ferenci (trumpet)
  • Will Gilbert (trumpet)
  • Matthew Collins (trumpet)

Students of Saul Richardson &/or JWA who didn’t go to “the Con” but are making significant and successful contributions to Australian music:

  • Bobby Poulton (bass)
  • Michael Solo (drums, music production & promotion)
  • Alex Solo (drums)
  • Graham Bucknell (sax)
  • Paddy Kelly (piano & violin)
  • Jono Savery (sax & clarinet)
  • Ryan O’Donnell (bass & opera singing)
  • Mark Selim (bass)
  • Siebe Pogson (bass)

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