Groups for adults ages 18 +

See also: New groups for adults, October 2020

We are pleased to be able to offer new groups for adult musicians during Term 4 this year. Depending on demand, there will be groups for intermediate-advanced players, and beginners who are new to playing in a jazz band and improvising.

In 2020 we have two regular combos for adults, both meeting on Monday nights. Additional groups are launching in October 2020.There are some extra options available to young adults and university students in addition these groups. Check the combos for younger people for details.

Adult Advanced & intermediate combos

One adult combo is for more advanced students, and the other for intermediate-level players with some prior jazz experience. The focus of these groups is mostly on playing, but of course includes coaching in both improvisation and small-group playing techniques as well. This is an ongoing rehearsal group meeting throughout each Semester. Entry to the advanced group is by audition/assessment; the standard is high.

  • Time: Mondays 7pm (two groups)
  • Tutors: Saul Richardson; Gavin Ahearn
  • Rehearsals: 18 rehearsals /semester.
  • Cost: $737 /semester (two terms; join mid-term and it costs less)

New groups for beginner and more experienced players

Starting October 2020.

Please see the separate post for details about the new combos for adults.

General information about the adult combos

The adult combos are for anyone over 18 who wants to learn how play in a jazz band, or further develop their skills, under the guidance of an expert jazz player and educator. As you play jazz standards you will learn about style, small ensemble playing, and improve your skills as an improviser.

A jazz combo is a small band, of up to ten musicians. It is really a flexible “combination” of instruments. Combo gives you the chance to apply and put into practice the work and theory you learn with your teacher, and really give your playing a boost. This is an excellent way to dramatically improve your skills on your instrument, and to boost your self confidence.

Places are limited. There will be three groups in Semester 2 (subject to numbers): one introductory, on intermediate, and one for more advanced players.

Contacts us now to enrol in Adult Combo.