2013 USA Tour Postponed

Unfortunately we have had to postpone the 2013 USA tour for twelve months. There was a lot of interest, and we got a bunch of people auditioning, but we weren’t able to put together a quorum of the more advanced players needed to make the band workable at the right level. Everyone who auditioned did their best, and put lots of time and effort in, for which we absolutely commend them. However, it is essential that this kind of touring band is made up of more experienced musicians to make it successful. This time, we didn’t get enough auditions from those experienced players.

This is a shame, and we thought long and hard about what we could do, but finally had to “make the call”. The tour will be on in January 2014 instead, and will include Barbados in the Caribbean on the itineraryas well as Florida and New York. We hope that those of you who tried out for this one will try again in a year’s time. By then, of course, some of the younger aplicants will be a year older and will have many more hours of playing under their fingers too.

In the meantime we hope to see you back at Jazz Camp in January, and maybe also at Winter Jazz Camp in July.

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