We have new jazz combos (small ensembles) starting this term for kids, teens, young adults, adult beginners, adults, and advanced adults. Now is the perfect time to start. Learn jazz today!

Vacancy for drummers: 1. Friday or Saturday arvo Juniors (8-13, beginner or intermediate), 2. Friday 5pm teens intermediate + 3. Saturday teens (very advanced).

You can enrol now for Term 1 lessons and combos with good availability on all instruments. The sooner you book, the more choice of days and times you’ll have. Even better, there is a discount for early payment if you enrol for the whole term and pay by direct deposit.

As our office is very small, please try to email if you can rather than call.



Jazz bands, Music Lessons & more

At the Jazz Workshop you can learn how to play jazz in one of our bands, under the direction of an expert jazz educator. We also provide regular private music lessons and individual jazz improvisation coaching. We can help you learn jazz today!

We are a music school offering both traditional music lessons as well as a unique stream specializing in teaching jazz and improvised music. We provide community and opportunity to keen students of any age and level.

We offer a full range of bands and courses for everyone. See the bands page for details. Talented young musicians can also audition for our high performance program in one of the JWA Advanced ensembles. These provide a fast-track to success for the most motivated and talented students in a stimulating, challenging environment.

Not just jazz lessons at the Jazz Workshop!

We have teachers and music lessons for students of all levels and all ages. We offer traditional classical, exam-based lessons and jazz-focused lessons as well as jazz improvisation coaching.