Winter Holidays

Combo rehearsals and lessons go into a two week recess from the end of this week. The last day of lessons and combos for the term is Saturday June 29.

Term 3 starts on Monday July 15 with all lessons and combo rehearsals resuming from then. For our students taking private lessons a highlight of term three will be our annual showcase concert on September 16 at Chatswood RSL Club. Your teacher will begin working with you on your tunes for the concert from early in the term, if they haven’t already started.

We are still taking late bookings for the Winter Jazz Camp. It is for young musicians ages 10 – 18. The students are split into groups based on age, experience and/or level of playing. It is lots of fun but also a good opportunity to learn in a high quality, structured program. The camp is three days, July 3 – 5 and runs 9:30am – 5:30 pm each day at JWA in St Leonards. It isn’t quite full yet.

Enjoy your holiday, if you have one. Happy practicing!

Saul Richardson & Karen Richards for the JWA team.

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