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Jazz Improvisation: What matters most?

By Saul Richardson, Principal at Jazz Workshop Australia. What is most important? Sound, rhythm and style are the first things listeners perceive when they hear jazz. These are the things that make jazz what it is. The notes and everything else are just optional. Free players play any notes they like, but are still recognisably […]

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How to choose the right conductor for your school band: Ten tips for finding the best person for the job.

Saul Richardson B.Ed (hons), MACE Principal, Jazz Workshop Australia The fact that you have a band shows that you think it is important and can make a valuable contribution to the cultural life of your school and to your students’ education and well-being. Hire the right person for the job and the band will flourish, […]

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Ballad Thesaurus

Has there ever been a ballad played on a jazz gig that hasn’t been described as beautiful? We don’t think so! So, as a service to jazz musicians and audiences worldwide, we are delighted to present the Ballad Thesaurus, edition #1. In this first version, the words are just listed alphabetically. You probably need to […]

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Does Big Band Jazz have to be so loud?

After adjudicating at a “stage band” festival in Sydney earlier this year and listening in at some combined concerts where several school bands all played short sets, the ringing in my ears left me asking the painfully obvious question: Why does it always have to be so loud? First, as a quick aside, let’s deal […]

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For Advanced Improvisation Students: Some thoughts

8T9F855CGV66 By Saul Richardson, www.JazzWorkshopAustralia.com.au So you have some chops, you can run through some chord changes, you can play in tune…you’ve got the basics pretty well under control. So, what next? Here are a few ideas to get you started. These are all things that I hear many of the more interesting jazz improvisers […]

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Building a great band: Part 1 for students and parents

Achieving excellence in jazz band performance By Saul Richardson: Principal at Jazz Workshop Australia, Lecturer in Jazz Pedagogy at Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Chief Conductor Sydney Youth Jazz Orchestra, Yamaha Festival jazz adjudicator. Part 1: For Students and Parents If you are a member of a jazz ensemble (often called “stage band”, “big band”, “jazz […]

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