New Drum Teacher

We are delighted to welcome Alex Hirlian to Jazz Workshop Australia as our new drum teacher. He is now available for lessons on Wednesday afternoons/evenings. Alex Hirlian

Alex is one of our youngest teachers. He is studying for a Bachelor of Music in Jazz at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. He has already developed a reputation as a fine and musical performer. More importantly, he is a skillful teacher with a kind, patient manner with a genuine interest in his students. He is happy and able to teach students of any age, but we particularly recommend him for younger students who will benefit from his clear, logical and well-structured approach.

As with all our new teachers, Alex works closely with JWA Principal Saul Richardson in developing and teaching his program for each student.

Alex, as a student, was drummer for the acclaimed NSW Arts Unit Jazz Orchestra and was a major scholarship winner at the JWA National Jazz Camp. He is also an alumni of the JWA Academy Combo program. One of his current performance projects is the group DNA/Alpha Experiment:

Alex joins us following the departure, after almost five years of Dave Goodman. Dave’s non-teaching commitments became just too much and he made the difficult decision to move on to other things. We wish Dave all the very best and are delighted to welcome Alex Hirlian to the JWA team.

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