Drum Lessons on the North Shore

Private drum lessons are available with Jamie Cameron and group/band lessons are available through our jazz combos. Students from beginner to advanced are welcome. The lessons are at our well-appointed studio in St Leonards / Crows Nest on the Sydney lower north shore, close to the station for easy access from all parts of Sydney. Our lessons offer an alternative to both rigid, rote-learning based classical approaches and unstructured ‘infotainment’-style rock/pop lessons. Expect fun lessons with friendly, motivating teacher, combined with structured and effective learning.

Drum lessons with Jamie Cameron, B.Mus (Jazz)

Teacher Jamie Cameron who gives drum lessons at JWA north shore studio

Jamie Cameron, drum teacher at the JWA studio

Jamie is a ‘first call’ drummer, very active in the Sydney jazz, contemporary, and creative music community. He studied drums at the Sydney Conservatorium of music. One of his teachers and mentors was Chad Wackerman (drummer with Frank Zappa and Allan Holdsworth). He also studied traditional percussion in South Korea. This included study under master percussionist and educator, Kim Dong-Won. Jamie Cameron is a Yamaha Australia artist.

Students of Jamie benefit from his wealth of experience with diverse styles of drumming and music. He brings to his teaching his deep knowledge of both live playing and recording.

Jamie is in-demand, appearing live with diverse groups like 20th Century Dog, Salvation Street Shout, The Felas, Cumbiamuffin, The Abstract Brotherhood, The Hi-Tops,  ,  and The Brutal Poodles. He has recorded with jazz bands like the Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra, Amphibious, Song Fwaa, Lily Dior, Joe West, Joe Kelly and Luke Escombe.

Jamie is an accomplished teacher and has a good track record of excellent results in preparing students for HSC performance. He is available for drum lessons on Mondays.

You can learn drums with Jamie Cameron

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Group lessons – jazz combos

Drummers at JWA have the opportunity to learn to play in a jazz combo, a small band with a mixture of instruments. These can be in addition to private lessons with Jamie Cameron, or as a stand-alone. You don’t have to be taking drum lessons at JWA to join one of the combos. The groups are graded by experience, jazz playing level, and to some extent by age, so an assessment is usually needed to place students in the right group for them. Combo rehearsals include instruction in jazz band drumming techniques and styles, improvisation, repertoire, essential theory, and ensemble interaction, as well as practicing tunes. The combos follow a structured and sequential program. That means they are not just for playing, but for learning too.

The combos are excellent as an extension and support for private lessons with a jazz drum teacher like Jamie Cameron. They are also great for anyone who has a good teacher already, maybe not a jazz specialist, who you want to stay with.

Look here for more details about the jazz combos program. Email us to join.


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