Private music lessons @ the Jazz Workshop

There are teachers of most common instruments at the Jazz Workshop. Some also offer jazz improvisation as a stand-alone subject. All the Jazz Workshop teachers are experienced educators. All ages and levels are welcome. Most of the teachers offer both jazz and classical lessons. Private music lessons are paid in advance to the end of each school term. Most lessons are on weekday afternoons & evenings, or all day Saturday. For older and more advanced students we recommend at least 45 minutes weekly.

Instruments | Prices

Private music lessons are available on most instruments:

Jazz saxophoneJeremy RosePeter Farrar; Kali Gillen

Classical saxophone lessons:  Jeremy Rose; Kali Gillen

Clarinet lessons (Jazz and Classical): Jeremy Rose

Flute (jazz & classical)Jeremy Rose; Kali Gillen

TrumpetDeven Rahman

TromboneFrancis RaciborskiTim Coggins;

GuitarSaul RichardsonYutaro Okuda

PianoGavin AhearnNovak Manojlovic

DrumsJamie Cameron

Electric bass: Nick Henderson; Saul Richardson

Double bass: Nick Henderson

Group lessons: Jazz combos (mixed instrument small ensembles)

Lessons are mostly available in thirty minute and one hour slots. Students of all ages and standards are welcome. There are four options available:


Weekly private music lessons: paid in advance:  $70.35 for 45-minute lessons (recommended), $46.90 for 30-minute lessons or $90.50 for 1 hour lessons. Fees must be paid in full by the due date or the lessons stop! Max 1 reschedule available per term. TERMS & CONDITIONS


Fortnightly private music lessons: paid in advance $93.80  for 60 – minute lessons (30 minutes are not available). Fees must be paid in full by the due date or the lessons stop! Max 1 reschedule available per term. TERMS & CONDITIONS


Prepaid casual lessons: $50 per thirty minutes flat rate. No fixed lesson time, flexible scheduling, generous cancellation policy, book & pay in advance online.


Casual private music lessons: casual lessons paid on arrival: $55 per thirty minutes flat rate. No fixed lesson time, flexible scheduling, pay on the day. TERMS & CONDITIONS

Private music lessons are paid in advance, usually for a school term or blocks of ten. Teachers need 24 hours notice to reschedule a lesson, if rescheduling is available. We will only reschedule once per term. If your account remains unpaid by the second week of term lessons will be suspended and we may make your lesson time available to someone else.

Before you start music lessons at the Jazz Workshop, please take a moment to read our TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Booking for lessons indicates you have understood and accepted all the relelvant terms and conditions.

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