Jazz for Christmas holiday camp

Jazz for Kids (jazz for Christmas!)

December 17 – 18, ages 8+

Our famous Jazz For Kids holiday workshop is back, in the annual Christmas edition. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Fun!
  • Learn about jazz music
  • Improvisation
  • Composition
  • Playing in a jazz band
  • Even more fun!

As with all JWA camps, we want everyone who participates to have a great time and to learn new things and develop their playing and performance skills at the same time. Jazz for Kids is open to young musicians of all levels, we arrange things so that everyone works at just the right level for them (hard enough to be interesting and worthwhile, but not too serious – it is a holiday camp after all).

Bookings are open now.


  • Monday December 17 – Tuesday 18. 9am – 3pm each day.
  • Drop off from 8:30am; extended supervision available until 5:30pm @ $22/hour

Where: Jazz Workshop Australia, 58 Atchison St St Leonards

Cost: $175 for both days or $99 for one day.

Bookings: Phone or email message. We’ll need to know:

  1. Student’s name
  2. Parent contact details (email and phone)
  3. What instrument/s they will play at the workshop
  4. A rough idea of their level of jazz playing (so we can be sure they will be working at the level best for them). Maybe say how long they have been playing, any grades completed…that sort of thing. They don’t have to be advanced at all. They don’t have to be able to read music, though it helps.
  5. Whether the student has any significant medical condition or allergy we should know about.

Click here to Book Now

To pay:

You can either send a cheque to Jazz Workshop Australia, PO Box 161 Crows Nest 1585

or you can direct deposit online to Jazz Workshop Australia BSB 112 879 Account # 068 127 307 (be sure to include your name in the details).

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  1. Katsumi says:

    Dear AlannahThank you for a great workshop. I am so plaeesd to have a website up and running and to have learnt how to edit it.For the email address, I am quite happy to have Louise in it and so would like to go ahead.I would also like to know how I can have the website in French as well as English.ThanksLouise

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    Great introduction to a night of conviviality, Joe–the essential loneness that births the words we are compelled to share–there’s some fundamental contradiction in there, or maybe its just a statement of the obvious. Whichever, it’s good to be back at the pub after a long week of getting it back together, and to know we can put a little light into the dark. Thanks for hosting, sir.

  20. http://www./ says:

    Yeaah, One Day! 😀 And I know, right? Men du fÃ¥r ikke min mobil, niks. Tak for en hyggelig weekend endnu en gang, savner ogsÃ¥ jer! :PDet er et splinternyt liv du tager hul pÃ¥! Eller noget! Kan i hvert fald godt forstÃ¥, hvis du glæder dig og er nervøs og tusinde andre ting pÃ¥ én gang. Det ska’ nok blive godt, skal det! 😀 Jeg glæder mig rigtig meget til at høre, hvordan det har været pÃ¥ torsdag.

  21. http://www./ says:

    Je crois que c’est mon dessin tout préféré depuis le début de votre blog. Oui, vraiment. J’habite à Tokyo et l’atmosphère n’est pas à la rigolade, mais ce billet m’a remis le sourire aux lèvres. Quel talent, merci!

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